The new Renault would be perfect for Batman?

09/29/2016 14:10:37
The new Renault would be perfect for Batman?
We were thinking that the 3 main French car manufacturers: Peugeot, Citroen and Renault didn't know much about making a mad concept, but we got it all wrong

We were thinking that the 3 main French car manufacturers: Peugeot, Citroen and Renault didn't know much about making a mad concept, but we got it all wrong. This Renault Trezor is a great example of coolness.



The supercar is powered by a single 350bhp motor pinched from Renault’s Formula E programme, powered by a pair of self-cooling batteries. The motorsport-derived electric poke is able to launch the 1600kg coupe from 0-62mph in under four seconds. All of these details means it's gonna be freaking fast. The Trezor offersd a foretaste of the connectivity and increasingly refined interiors in future Renaults. With a length of almost five metres and a height just over a metre it has an spectacularly sleek aesthetic. Imagine it splashed in matte black paint, and it could easily find a place in Bruce Wayne’s secret garage. Well, if he was a little more stylish. 



What do we like the most about it? Well, that massive clamshall roof is a details which makes this super vehicle extremely hot. After you open them up, you'll see a retro/modern mash-up of an interior, with lashings of red leather and an L-shaped touchscreen that makes up the instrument cluster and centre console. Oh, and if that isn’t enough concept future-ness for you, now’s probably a good time to mention that the Trezor has an autonomous mode too.



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